Is The Success Plan Vegan?

The plan was not designed just for Vegans, but can be adapted to fit Vegans.

Is The Success Plan Paleo?

The Success Plan is Paleo Friendly. The plan strives to be low or gluten-free, eliminating many of the grains that contain gluten. The Plan does allow legumes & gluten-free grains, such as brown & wild rice, quinoa, millet & amaranth.

Do I Have To Eat Organic?

The Success Plan is made up of lots of plant-based foods, it is recommended that you eat as many of them as possible organic. But for many eating 100% organic may not be possible, eating more plant-based foods is good for us even if we can't always get organic.

What About Non-Gmo & Grass Fed?

Non-Gmo Plant Foods & Grass Fed Meats should be your first choice when you can get them. But we have to eat to live so don't starve yourself because you can't find or afford enough of them. It is better to eat enough real whole foods than starve yourself because the foods are not perfect.

How Long Does It Take?

Eating Real Whole Food with The Success Plan is designed to be a permanent way of eating. It may take 4-6 months or longer before following the plan becomes an automatic habit.

Will I Lose Weight Following The Success Plan?

It depends on you, when starting to Eat Real Whole Food with the Success Plan, you will be in a re-feeding stage. Depending on how you were eating before starting the plan, you could lose weight just by switching from processed foods to real whole foods. But if you have been on a very low-calorie food plan you might gain a few pounds during your re-feeding stage.

Once you get through the re-feeding stage and your body feels safe and well fed, you will move into the fat-loss stage, where we will tweak your plan to promote fat loss.

During the fat-loss stage, you should be losing fat in a way that will keep your metabolism from going into starvation mode, keeping your metabolism running at a pace that will allow you to eat to satisfaction without deprivation, and still burn excess fat.

When you have lost all of your excess fat/weight you will then move into the maintenance stage. In the maintenance stage, we will be adjusting your plan to prevent you from gaining or losing any more weight.

If you follow your re-feeding and fat-loss plans well, maintenance should be a breeze. You should be able to eat well and not gain excess weight easily.

But, it all depends on you, your health, and how well you follow the plan. If you stick with it and follow the plan 99.99%, and regularly take advantage of the one on one, and group support you should lose weight.

Do I Need Any Special Tools To Follow The Plan?

You will need a good food scale that weighs in ounces and grams, measuring spoons & your energy expenditure results get them here.

What’s your return policy?

Due to the nature of our program, we do not offer any returns.

Our Products Are Electronic

Shipping is not necessary.

Do you have customer service?

We do not have customer service reps. I answer email daily and provide one free scheduled getting acquainted coaching call to help answer any questions you may have. Schedule Your Free Getting Acquainted Call Now!